We have a picture catalog on CD I have made of 90% of our 6000 molds we have! Please email me for a free copy!!!

Welcome To Our shop!! *****This site is a work in progress!! Check back regularly!! I am still adding things!!***** All items in our store are poured, cleaning, and fired by us using an 04 cone. We are very particular about the wearing of our molds. If the detail is not great we will not use it. We are also very particular about the cleaning and firing our products. We have about 6000 molds. We have alot of older molds. Some of them are from the 1960's. They are not junk! So if you can't find an item, send me an email, I may have it! We have everything from angels to zebras. If you can't paint or don't have the time, I will paint if for you!! We can talk about the colors you want. However, this does take a little time because I paint them myself. I have been painting for over 30 years and I specialize in dry brushing. If you would like to see some of my work I will be glad to email you some pictures. We offer discounts on multiples of an item. My inventory is limited due to space, but I usually keep 1 to 3 of each item on hand. So if you want 20 of an item, please email me and we can discuss how long it will take me to get them done.

We ship at the lowest shipping rate possible and always combine multiple purchases. Most of the time the cheapest way to ship is parcel post or first class. If you want it shipped a certain way please tell me before you pay. All items are shipped as quickly as possible following payment. We don't charge a fee for packing material because I recycle from my job!

Lisa's Ceramic Shop 115 Mayo Rd. Cowpens SC 29330 Phone 864-316-8178